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Attentive Rebrand

Design Director

I always think that a rebrand should be tied to a catalyst. The extreme growth and challenges we’ve all faced in the past year or so brought Attentive to an inflection point. Attentive had grown past the visual identity that had been in place since 2017. I started the process by performing an in-depth brand audit to take an objective look at what was working and what wasn’t. From there, it became clear to marketing and senior leadership that an evolution was needed.

With some help from the talented folks at High Tide (Warby Parker, Resy), we rebuilt our identity system from the ground up based on a story: A great conversation can be a remarkable journey – your mind is opened to new ideas, new discoveries and maybe, even a brand new future.

At its most functional, Attentive connects businesses with their customers. But fundamentally, Attentive is about the worlds opened up through communication. We have bold plans for the ways that we can help enable this.

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