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Shazam for Brands

Creative Director

Because Shazam’s product and offerings are so unique, it’s crucial that the story Shazam tells in the market and its visual communications support that. Working with the head of global marketing solutions and a local creative agency, I performed a complete brand audit and created an identity and design system for Shazam for Brands.


Working in music and entertainment means working with existing photography and lacking that end-to-end creative control that is important in creating beautiful and cohesive work. The thing we had to get right was an “own-able” photography treatment. Born from Shazam’s iconic “listening rings” and the idea that a moment in music creates a ripple effect in culture came a treatment that is unmistakably Shazam.

Shazam for Brands guidelines and design system was rolled out in full to global teams. Among the most noticeable success metrics was that in 2018 88% of revenue generated by our North American sales teams included these brand materials and utilized this design system. 

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